Biology et Biochemistry Department

Biology et Biochemistry Department

The Biology et Biochemistry department belongs to the Faculty of Sciences and Technics. It delivers Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in Computer Science.

Educational programs

-Bachelor in Biology (full programme in French)
-Bachelor in Water engineering and exploitation (full programme in French)
-Master in Life and Earth Sciences for high school teaching (full programme in French)
-Master in Ecology and Ethology (full programme in French)
-Master in Biological and technological sciences for health (full programme in French)
-PhD in Biology. (full programme in French)

Courses in English
At the moment, no course can be offered in English. However, some teachers will accept to provide material and answer questions in English as well as validate exams or work written in English language. You can inquire about that possibility by contacting directly the people mentioned below in the "contact" section.

Across the year, a series of 4 to 8 presentations from outside researches are offered to the student public (Bachelor B3, Master M1 & M2)

Master thesis or laboratory placements
English can be the working language.
During the thesis/placement, you will work in a research laboratory under the supervision of a researcher. A placement can be combined with courses.
Apply for a laboratory placement targeting one or several topics addressed in our university.
Credits: 5 ECTS per working month. ECTS Credits are delivered only after report validation and the defense.

Doctoral studies
English can be the working language.
The PhD thesis and the defense can be in English (an abstract must be written in French)
Apply for a doctorate (or for a short stay) targeting one or several topics addressed in our university.

Contact :
Prof. Pierre Maret, Faculty of Sciences, Head of International Relations
Ass. Prof. Sandrine Heusser, Faculty of Sciences, International relations for the Biology and Biochemistry department.


Laboratoire Ecologie et Neuro-Ethologie Sensorielles 
Laboratoire de Biotechnologies Végétales


Head of Department :
Jean-Louis MAGNARD

Responsable pédagogique de la Licence SV :
Jean-Louis MAGNARD

admlicencesciencesvie @ (admlicencesciencesvie @

Responsables de semestres :
S2 : A définir
S3 : Sandrine MOJA
S4 : Sandrine HEUSSER
S5 : Frédéric SEBE
S6 : Jean-Louis MAGNARD

MASTER Écologie et Éthologie : 
Jean-Claude CAISSARD

Master 1 Ecologie Éthologie : Jean-Claude CAISSARD
Master 2 Ecologie Éthologie : Florence NICOLÉ

Responsable Master 2 parcours bioacoustique : David REBY

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Pascal DISLE

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Service ASTRE-Secretary (metare-secretariat @