Geology-Petrology Department

Geology-Petrology Department


The Geology Department is one of the 8 departments of the Sciences and Technology Faculty. It counts 8 research and teaching fellow and 1 technical assistant. Its main objective is to coordinate and organize fundamental and practical Earth sciences teaching of the Faculty.

Earth sciences courses are proposed in the following training programmes:

- Bachelor of Earth sciences

- Bachelor of biology 

- Master of Education for Natural Sciences

- M2 Earth Sciences, Magmas & Volcanoes in academic agreement with University of Clermont-Auvergne

The teaching team of the department are also belonging to the CNRS research unit “Laboratoire Magmas & Volcans”


Head of department : Marie-Christine GERBE (gerbe @


Person in charge of the Bachelor of Earth sciences : Marie-Christine GERBE
Person in charge of the second year : Adélie DELACOUR
Person in charge of the third year : Marie-Christine GERBE