Random graphs and its applications for networks

Random graphs and its applications for networks

Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Bâtiment A, salle A 14

Workshop at the Institute Camille Jordan



Random graphs and its applications for networks


 Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers at the junction of discrete random structures, in particular random graphs, random walks, and its applications to complex networks.

Poster of the workshop


 Organizing committee

- Dieter Mitsche
- Pascal Grail
- Pascale Villet



Julien Barré (Univ. d'Orléans): Rigidity percolation and random graphs      Slides
Oriane Blondel (CNRS, Univ. Lyon 1): Tagged particle diffusion in KA models
Jérémie Bouttier (ENS Lyon): Some aspects of random maps coupled with matter systems    Slides
Pierre Calka (Univ. Rouen): Poisson-Voronoi graph on a Riemannian manifold     Slides
Philippe Chassaing (Univ. de Lorraine): The impatient collector   Slides
David Coupier (Univ. Valenciennes): The Directed Spanning Forest converges to the Brownian Web     Slides
Josep Diaz (UPC Barcelona): Evolutionary Graph Theory     Slides
Roland Diel (Univ. Nice Côte d'Azur): Random graphs and Bradley-Terry model in random environment
Joachim Giesen (Univ. Jena): Ising Models with Latent, Conditional Gaussian Variables    Slides
Emmanuel Jacob (ENS Lyon): Contact process on evolving inhomogeneous random graphs     Slides
Lefteris Kirousis (National and Kapodistrian Univ. Athens): The Lovasz Local Lemma: An introduction and some recent results     Slides
Antoine Lejay (INRIA Nancy Grand-Est): Diffusion on the lifted Sierpinski gasket
Grégory Miermont (ENS Lyon): Study of percolation on triangulations by generating functions
Grigory Panasenko (Univ. Saint-Étienne): Equations on a graph for the flows in thin tube structures    Slides
Guillem Perarnau (Univ. Birmingham): Efficient sampling of random colorings   Slides
Vlady Ravelomanana (Univ. Paris 7): Analytical Approach of Sparse Random Graphs Phase Transitions    Slides
Christophe Sabot (Univ. Lyon 1): The Edge reinforced random walk, its non-reversible counterpart, and related topics
Bruno Schapira (Univ. Aix-Marseille): Contact process on random graphs
Fabio Toninelli (CNRS, Univ. Lyon 1): Random tiling dynamics     Slides



Talks start wednesday October 3 after lunch and end Friday October 5 before lunch.



Julien Barré, Univ. d'Orléans
Oriane Blondel, CNRS, Univ. Lyon 1
Mahdi Boukrouche, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Jérémie Bouttier, ENS Lyon
Pierre Calka, Univ. Rouen
Ariane Carrance, Univ. Lyon 1
Philippe Chassaing, Univ. de Lorraine
Xinxin Chen, Univ. Lyon 1
David Coupier, Univ. Valenciennes
Josep Diaz, UPC Barcelona
Roland Diel, Univ. Nice Côte d'Azur
Kunal Dutta, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Thibault Espinasse, Univ. Lyon 1
Lucas Flammant, Univ. Valenciennes
Nicolas Frilet, Univ. Grenoble Alpes
Christophe Garban, Univ. Lyon 1
Joachim Giesen, Univ. Jena
Cong Bang Huynh, Univ. Grenoble Alpes
Emmanuel Jacob, ENS Lyon
Lefteris Kirousis, National and Kapodistrian Univ. Athens
Antoine Lejay, INRIA Nancy Grand-Est
Mickaël Maazoun, ENS Lyon
Grégory Miermont, ENS Lyon
Dieter Mitsche, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Nathan Noiry, Univ. Paris Nanterre
Grigory Panasenko, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Laetitia Paoli, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Guillem Perarnau, Univ. Birmingham
Romain Ravaille, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Vlady Ravelomanana, Univ. Paris 7
Éric Remila, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Christophe Sabot, Univ. Lyon 1
Christoper Salinas, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Bruno Schapira, Univ. Aix-Marseille
Marc Sebban, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Philippe Solal, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Fabio Toninelli, CNRS, Univ. Lyon 1
Julian Tugaut, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Rémi Vaudaine, Univ. Saint-Étienne
Fabien Vignes-Tourneret, Univ. Lyon 1
Rémi Viola, Univ. Saint-Étienne


Practical Information

The talks will take place in the Faculty of Sciences, room A 14, 23 rue du Docteur Paul Michelon, Saint-Étienne.

: Address: Institut Camille Jordan, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, 23 rue du Docteur Paul Michelon, 42023 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2

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How to arrive from Lyon-Part Dieu or Lyon-Perrache: By train, https://www.ter.sncf.com/auvergne-rhone-alpes (TER journeys to/from Saint-Etienne and Lyon take under 50 minutes).

How to go from the main station Saint-Etienne Chateaucreux to the Institute Camille Jordan: The city bus company: STAS: http://www.reseau-stas.fr/fr/itineraires/4/JourneyPlanner
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